Tuesday, October 21, 2014

post 4 ENG 1200.10 Cows vs. Cats


Many people believe that a black cat brings bad luck and also, that anyone who finds the one perfect, pure white hair in an all-black cat and plucks it out without being scratched, will find great wealth and good luck in love. There are so many myths about cats in general that is hard to believe how these small creatures can have so many powers. 

The fact is that my sister has one black cat; her name is Aby, and she gave birth two little kittens. They are very small so my sister doesn’t need to buy cat food because they are still drinking milk from their mom, and it is in that moment where I have this idea. Next time I can bring my friends they can have a hot chocolate with Aby’s milk…. ajaja I can imagine their faces, like if I was crazy. I don’t see the differences between a cow and a cat. They are both animal that produce milk for their babies. 

The only difference is that the human choose to take away cow’s baby milk and made hot chocolate, coffee latte, butter, Ice-cream, cheese, etc. 

Next time when you are enjoying a cup of hot chocolate I challenge you to think on my sister cat.

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  1. Very funny, although I didn't know about pulling the white hair to get good luck. I personally love animals, however cats aren't necessarily my favorites. I was told once that cats females after breastfeed their kittens until the point they can survive they abandon the kittens to look for the cat male and mate. I think that is something extraordinary.